Media Option

There are many media options that we offer in the execution of production. We will chose the right media is in any way you want. The following media are used for execution of production:

Offset Printing
book paper, hvs paper, artpaper, mattepaper, ivory /art carton, samson paper, duplex paper /marga, sticker paper, fancy paper or premium paper.

Digital Printing
Indoor: book-paper, hvs paper, artpaper, mattepaper, ivory/art carton, chromo sticker, photo paper, etc.
Outdoor: front-lite and back-lite banenr (china, korea, german), vinyl sticker, cloth banner /vinyl banners, canvas, one way sticker, roll up banner, etc.

In order to care for our beloved earth, we recommend the use of raw materials or materials that are environmentally friendly in every execution of our production. Printed material mentioned above includes paper material that is “free wood” and is derived from chemical fiber / synthetic, coated and non coated.