About Us

Welcome to Aksa Desain. Aksa Desain is part of the Aksa Group Company. Aksa Desain engaged in the creative industries are focused on creating a corporate identity, graphic design, interactive media, photography, and printing. we are working to answer all your needs and your best wishes. With the support of professionals who are fresh, talented, and able to work together, Aksa Desain always offer fresh ideas, simple and innovative. A message is created correctly (the right message), the choice of appropriate media (the right channel), and delivered to the appropriate target group (the right audience), then we are sure of your goals will be fulfilled. Those are all values that we hold as a tangible manifestation of our firm in providing the best service to our clients.

Our services include consulting, planning (making a concept), drafting / design to the execution of production in various types of appropriate media. All that is planned and carried out “under one roof ‘, making it much more effective and efficient. Simply contact us, we will come to meet your desired needs.

Our Vision: Being based creative services company that has quality and most reliable.

Our Mission: Motivate to get things done in a professional responsibility and maintain the company’s image. Innovate and create new breakthroughs in the field of creative industries. Making Aksa Desain as a leading and trusted company in providing the best service to customers.

Ajining Dhiri Dumunung ing LathiAjining Raga saka Busana

Finally, may devine blessing from Allah SWT, always be part of our life.